What Our Platform Does

Humanity’s collective knowledge is doubling every 12 months. BraveNew helps organizations meet this challenge by building a platform that does three things:

First, it gathers knowledge. We do this by crowdsourcing knowledge curation: using online communities to quickly turn huge amounts of noisy, fragmented information into structured knowledge libraries.

Second, it disseminates knowledge. We do this through collaborative learning: providing an interactive environment where every participant simultaneously acts as a student and a teacher.

Third, it generates insights about knowledge. We do this by measuring how knowledge flows through communities, how members interact with it, annotate it, and share it.

Ultimately the platform is transforming how the enterprise shares knowledge and learns at scale. We seek to change the way professionals continuously learn and share knowledge by making it a collaborative process.

Who We Help

We power Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration for the enterprise, NGOs and professional associations. While we have worked with customers from many different industries and will continue to, we have developed a particular expertise in Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Communities for the Healthcare Industry (particularly with Innovation projects) as well as Diversity & Veteran Initiatives for the Fortune 1000. Organizations can leverage the platform to create branded public, private or hybrid communities that connect members directly with one another — and with relevant content, data, and collaboration tools.

Our Value Proposition

Our platform and communities go beyond portals and forums by adding social collaboration, extensive branding, customization, and mobile access, while retaining enterprise security and tight integration with collaboration extensions.

With the proliferation of social media, your Knowledge stakeholders expect to interact with their peers, share experiences with others, and find the information they need from multiple devices. To meet these expectations, companies must deepen knowledge relationships, understand rapidly changing learner needs, and enable people to access their existing collaboration tools. The BraveNew platform has been built to address all of these needs.


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No other community platform offers the combination of multiple capabilities along with the ability to integrate thousands of features and resources. The best online communities study how their members interact in the physical world, then replicate those patterns online. Our features enable you to replicate those patterns in your community as accurately and precisely as possible.

Role Based Controls

Create access levels within each community through the use of pre-configured roles (Owner, Manager, Editor, Mentor, Public). Or build your own role structure that best captures the hierarchy of your initiative or company. Either way, BraveNew has reduced for our customers the complexity of segmenting and assigning individuals access to community elements and data according to their roles.

Extensible Community Pages

Configure Your Community Pages to enhance the functionality and value of the member experience. Our pages will support your HTML 5.0 content, embedded widgets and JavaScript (with approval). You can also configure your pages with role specific member lists, defined category feeds and integrated applications. You design the look and feel of your community to best represent your brand and company for your members.

Customizable Navigation

Customize your community’s navigation by defining page names and their order in the menu. Visual design in navigation plays a major role member engagement. For example, psychological studies show that attention and retention are highest for items on the top and bottom of a navigation menu. We let you determine those entries and we give you the capability to change them at any time.

Community Analytics Portal

Access analytics via a self-service portal to obtain and export data on growth, engagement and activity by community or segment. Accurate analytics serve as the linchpin of all healthy communities. We have built in the ability for you to view the most relevant ones at any time for optimal community management and maintenance.

Configurable Community Appearance

Customize your community’s key images so that it reflects your company’s brand, culture and mission. Research indicates that people online make decisions and take action faster when prompted by images. For example, photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post. We’ve designed our communities so that you choose those all-important background images for community splash screens (signin/signup pages), hero images for community page headers and your community avatar.

Private Messaging

Send one-to-one, one-to-some or one-to-all messages in the community through messaging to engage in private discussions. Members or community leadership can continue conversations in small groups or with each other without having to exchange email addresses. Thus all communications can still be monitored by leadership as they remain in the community.

Community Topic Pages

Publish a page of content topics for community members to discover all like content available through post topic tags. Or build category pages that aggregate posts by topics. Best practices indicate that by providing members with the easiest possible way to find the content of greatest interest to them, they are more likely to stay, post and return.

Member Segmentation

Send templatized e-mails to all members, predefined member segments, or a custom member population. This feature can be used to recognize new members, publish community newsletters or announce community events as tactics to drive engagement.

So Much More

Customized Invitation Campaigns

Personalize community invitations campaigns through the creation of customized URLs and landing pages. Our best-in-class invitation tools for email campaigns will allow you to integrate your company’s style and brand throughout the process to optimize conversion. You can customize the onboarding workflow for your respondents with recommendations for topics to follow to stimulate interest, conversion and immediate engagement. BraveNew email campaigns support a structured communication workflow that you can customize for follow-up messaging to campaign recipients and welcome/nurture messaging for new members.

Configurable Notifications

Customized notifications for members and administrators will drive satisfaction in your community. Some individuals/admins like to be alerted to activity on posts and community engagement; some don’t. A “one size fits all” notification policy discourages engagement (for those who like being alerted) and drives dissatisfaction (for those who don’t). BraveNew eliminates that risk by allowing the member to select his preference.

Accessibility from Mobile Devices

Community accessibility from all mobile devices is a core component to the architecture of our community. All community pages are architected and designed to be mobile responsive – not just for members to view the content but also to interact easily with it. With more than 25% of US users accessing the Internet exclusively from their mobile devices, we provide an experience that facilitates comparable viewing and engagement.

Support for Third-Party Embedded Applications

Leverage a wide array of embeddable applications from industry leading organizations to further personalize and enhance your community’s value. As in the offline world, different communities rely on their own unique combination of tools to succeed. You select the applications that you need for your community instead of being assigned ones of no use to you. Some of the most popular application choices include calendaring, file storage, video conferencing, skills assessment, surveying/testing and e-commerce.

Publishable Member Directory and Profiling

Publish full or role specific member lists that enable community members to browse or search through member profiles. Such lists and profiles help legitimize a community to a new member and are often a critical factor in the decision to stay and engage.

Robust Content Type Support

Publish role restricted content and enable members and administrators to share and link content, image files, documents, natively authored posts and questions to the most relevant audiences in the community. BraveNew believes that it’s actually the combination of content, context and curation that is “king” not just content. We have built our platform to facilitate the sharing and targeting of content to increase engagement.

Private or Public communities

Build 100% Private, 100% Public or Blended Access Communities using our role-based structure. Most likely, in your company, all of your employees don’t have access to every meeting and piece of information. We have replicated this on line. Community administrators can grant access to members, based on their role, to all of a community or just parts of it. Likewise, fully public, fully private and blended access communities can co-exist in a universe and the access level of a community (e.g., turning a public community into a private one) can be changed during its lifecycle.

Content Feed Aggregation and Curation

Populate your community with content from known sources by ingesting RSS and JSON feeds. Add artificial intelligence-based curation tools via an optional integration with Curata, a BraveNew partner company, using a technology developed at MIT. Engagement drives community health and not size. BraveNew makes it easy to aggregate, curate and share the content that will drive engagement and community health.

Defined Email Templates

Customize email templates to support, recognize and drive community behavior. Our email templates can call upon seven different personalization variables. The design of an email, its language and even its number of fields are all factors that factor in a member or potential member taking the desired action. BraveNew gives you the tools to ensure that your emails best represent the language and style for your audience that will produce optimal results.

Best-in-class Security and Scalability

BraveNew partners with IBM Softlayer to ensure that our development, test and production environments operate on a secure infrastructure that aligns with all major security management standards. BraveNew takes the security of your community and its data seriously and we can delve into details with you about our partnership with IBM throughout the sales and community onboarding processes.


We use membership-based pricing that determines cost based on community size. Simplified pricing enables our customers to purchase blocks of users measured around active community size. Clients have the ability to launch nested sub-communities or sibling communities inside their ecosystem. There is an annual charge for each community based on the number of communities in the ecosystem.