Innovation Communities

Communities break down silos and scale best practices. Innovation communities support a culture of scalable learning that enables peer-to-peer collaborative knowledge sharing. Organizations can enable any stakeholders to shine a light on what works.

Shine a Light on What Is Working

  • Silos cost the enterprise $260bn each year – save money by scaling learning
  • Stop reinventing the wheel and slowing down the pace of change

Build a Community For All Innovation Stakeholders

  • Engage your employees, contractors, partners, resellers, and clients in one place
  • Collaborate with any member of your innovation ecosystem

Offer a Competitive Intelligence and Research Channel

  • Curate content from trends in the market and tag intelligently
  • Offer a private, secure channel for collaboration on competitors and market insights

Create a Culture of Scalable Innovation

  • Empower anyone to become the driver of best practices
  • Create a Hive Mind and unlock your ecosystem’s collective intelligence

Use Topics to Highlight Emergent Innovations

  • Create and Curate content around topics to meet the real time needs of your members
  • Users can follow particular topics to stay up to date on new innovations and best practices