Enablement Communities

Communities engage and develop talent around focused learning objectives. Enablement communities support and maximize workforce development initiatives and various talent development initiatives. They are often used for Diversity initiatives such as supporting veteran programs and ERGs.

The one-stop shop for Workforce Development

  • Integrate all resources for talent development and collaborate
  • Enable members to become participants in their own development

Curate content around specific topics and trends

  • Bring in the best of the web using machine learning curation tools
  • All content is indexed and searchable using IBM Watson and intelligent tagging

Profile Subject Matter Experts and Mentors

  • Communities allow you to shine the spotlight on your influencers
  • Help recognize and reward your top performers by mapping their knowledge

Break Down Knowledge Silos

  • Enablement communities help you create a culture of scalable learning
  • Stop reinventing the wheel and start connecting the knowledge dots

Unlock Intelligent Analytics

  • Be more data driven in your talent and workforce development initiatives
  • Discover what is resonating, with who and when

Personalize the Experience

  • Use role based controls to provide a highly contextually relevant experience
  • Deliver members to people when they need it