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Men or Machines: Will Technology Take Our Jobs?

Men Or Machines 01

As technology transforms millions of jobs around the world, it has created a “second machine age”, which represents a new inflection point in history. Just as in the industrial age, machines are improving the effectiveness of the workforce – but they are also automating tasks that humans once performed.

How will technology affect jobs in the future and the well-being of the people who carry them out? It is unclear whether our increasing use of machines will create more jobs than it replaces, but there is a growing fear that the coming “robot revolution” could make work less meaningful.

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Better, Faster, Smarter - The Future of Knowledge and Skills

Better Faster Smarter 01

We are at the dawn of the disruption and disintermediation of traditional forms of education by technology. In September 2014 I attended the World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos in China. I was the Topic Champion for a highly interactive and engaging session on what the future will hold for education. This blog aims to summarize the session.

The disruption coming to the education system can be split into two areas; Early stage to K-12 education, and Lifelong learning. The concept of being ‘‘in education” (i.e., at university pursuing a degree) or “in the workforce” is  eroding. We all are becoming “lifelong learners” and in constant education.  A big driver for this is the ever-increasing requirement of professional knowledge. The half-life of skills is getting shorter and shorter.   Self Directed learning has become far more important and people need be perpetually learning. Technology is the key enabler.

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The Big Bang Theory and The Big Skills Gap

Big Bang Talent

Modern employers are demanding when hiring new people – they have to be, if they are to succeed in business. Academic knowledge and achievement is no longer enough; the inadequacy of formal learning systems is apparent; and the skills gap widens. The popular show “The Big Bang Theory” paints a perfect picture of super smart people and their everyday clashes with life. But do Sheldon & Co. exist in real life?

It was a Saturday in May and I was taking the train into London, to meet up with friends. Unbeknownst to me, it was also the day of the Rugby Union final, in Twickenham.

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