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BraveNew Speaks at The Global Talent Summit 2016

Global Talent Summit 2016

On January 13th, BraveNew participated in The Global Talent Summit 2016: The Future of Jobs & Education, part of the World in 2050 series, sponsored by The Diplomatic Courier at the Gallup Headquarters in Washington, D.C. BraveNew was a Thought Partner of the event. Representatives from the Fortune 500, global NGOs, the government and enterprises of all sizes spoke at and interacted with each other during the day long conference, which included panels on such topics as “The Global Skills Gap” and “Small Businesses and Job Creation.”

The primary takeaway for me was that the education portion of an individual’s life no longer exists exclusively from the age of 5 to 18 (or whenever the last degree is attained) and the full-time work portion from age 18 or 22 to retirement. Instead learning will be life long and the acquisition of skills for individuals will start well before the granting of degrees.

In addition, three themes ran through these panels, which should be of interest to those involved in the interface of the workforce and education.

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Diplomatic Courier: The World in 2050 - Our Favorite Tweets

The World in 2050 01

With more than 88 million social media impressions from the day’s themes, The World in 2050: Talent Mobility and the Future of Jobs global forum transcended traditional conversations at the National Press Club on Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

By placing an expert on food technologies in the same room as a Fortune 500 companies, the debate engaged government, private sector, education, media, and more with #2050jobs, #2030now, and #WEF. More than 5200 tweets from more than 1700 contributors reached 13.7 million feeds from Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, the US, and across to Europe. #2050jobs, a unique hashtag for the forum, was linked to more than 8.5 million impressions.

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Enterprise Talent Community Facts and Fundamentals Webinar

Enterprise Talent Community Facts Webinar

Online communities populate the Internet today and extend beyond the major social networks, and consumer and business-to-business brands understand the value of creating and maintaining business communities to address customer needs and to retain them long term.

But true talent communities continue to be elusive for the enterprise. How do organizations engage and develop applicants and employees alike beyond broadcasting jobs and internal mobility opportunities?

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Continuous Learning and Career Development Webinar

Continuous Learning Career Development

"Their reach exceeded their grasp" ...have you ever felt that way? Join us tomorrow for a 30-minute BraveNewTalent webinar and let's talk about it.

A few months ago, I watched an interview with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush, my favorite band. Geddy explained how the band was criticized in certain music circles because of the above statement -- "their reach exceeded their grasp" -- when it came to their musical ideas, ideals and musicianship.

That is simply hogwash. That’s the way they rolled (as the kids these days say), stretching themselves to grasp the next level of excellence, which they’re still doing today (for you rock critics keeping score at home).

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Davos Looks Towards Bridging the Enterprise Skills Gap

Davos Bridging Enterprise Skills Gap

January is the time of year that sees the rich and powerful flock to the snowy mountains of Davos in Switzerland to discuss the most pressing problems currently facing the world. By most measures it is an elite event where one might at least cross paths, if not mix with, the wealthy, the influential and the mighty, from the business community, governments and academia to rock gods and famous philantrophists.

Not only does this event attract the world’s leading exponents of economic and business matters but also political leaders, influential celebrities and a handful of other public figures. So as Bill Gates pledged his millions to fighting aids and David Cameron discussed the political issues within the EU, another topic, of particular interest to us at BraveNewTalent, surfaced frequently throughout the week; the issue of the skills gap!

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