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Communities and Global Cities

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In an episode of the popular sitcom "Parks and Recreation," the citizens of Pawnee, Indiana, entertain officials from their sister city of Boraqua, Venezuela. The Pawnee officials prepare their staff for poverty stricken Latin Americans; the oil rich Venezuelans assume that their greeters are their servants. Hilarity ensues with multiple misunderstandings and missed opportunities. No knowledge-sharing occurs, no investment for Pawnee’s parks is proffered. Pawnee decides that it can go it alone without international engagement.

I thought of this episode when I attended Diplomatic Courier’s conference "Global Cities + Social Good" in early July. As Marek Gootman, Director of The Global Cities Initiative at The Brookings Institution, stated, "Becoming a global city is a goal accessible to any city. Every city can and should be one". A city of any size can align itself with and learn from others around the nation and the world with similar issues. No real city can go it alone without at least considering international engagement

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Are You Ready for the Silver Tsunami?

Are You Ready For The Silver Tsunami 01

According to urban legend, no one in his final days states, “I wish that I had spent more time in the office.” Ah, but in the years to come, Baby Boomers may say in the decades before those final days, “I am glad that I stayed longer in the workforce.”

So, are you ready for the Silver Tsunami at your workplace? If not, you should be. As the first members of the largest cohort of Americans (i.e., the Baby Boomers) start turning the formerly magic age of 65, they are facing longer life spans than ever before. According to AARP, a US man who hits 65 has a life expectancy of 84 and a woman has one of 86. Thus, they have a 50% chance of living for the equivalent of more than half of their working lives.

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Social Networks in the Workplace: An Ongoing Debate

Social Networks and Communities at Work

The arguments for and against the use of social networks in the workplace rest, at some basic level, on the foundation of the age old debate of mankind’s ‘state of nature’. Of course, since the Enlightenment, no one has really heralded the idea of the solitary individual roaming the land in their most basic animal form, it is unquestioningly accepted that humans are innately social beings. We can never know our true ‘state of nature’, but we can build on what we know with the proliferation and adoption of new and pervasive technologies that allow us to connect and interact in different ways.

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"First" Culture & Millennials: Pursuit of the Next Big Thing

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We’ve all seen "First" Culture, even if we don’t realize it. Creating the next big thing is great, but it takes a lot of effort and ingenuity that Millennials simply aren’t willing to give. They want the quick and dirty path to fame, and if that means being the first person to show a new band, a new restaurant, a new app, or a new social media site to their friends, then that’s the route Millennials will go. And boy are they going. It seems as though every week a new app is touted as the coolest new thing to hit the App Store yet, and with it comes the hordes of people exclaiming that they knew it first.

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