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Diplomatic Courier: The World in 2050 - Our Favorite Tweets

The World in 2050 01

With more than 88 million social media impressions from the day’s themes, The World in 2050: Talent Mobility and the Future of Jobs global forum transcended traditional conversations at the National Press Club on Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

By placing an expert on food technologies in the same room as a Fortune 500 companies, the debate engaged government, private sector, education, media, and more with #2050jobs, #2030now, and #WEF. More than 5200 tweets from more than 1700 contributors reached 13.7 million feeds from Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, the US, and across to Europe. #2050jobs, a unique hashtag for the forum, was linked to more than 8.5 million impressions.

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