Concept: "Learning Communities"

What Communities Can Learn from The Olympics

Communities Learning From the Olympics

I believe that I am a better strategist and tactician for BraveNew and our knowledge sharing communities by examining the role of online and offline communities in multiple areas. My awareness of the potential of our communities is sharpened by seeing how other communities foster collaboration and yield new ways of looking at issues in multiple disciplines. Last month, I turned my focus to the role of community in sports. 

Not just any sport but the Olympics and its most recent edition, the Summer Games of Rio. Prior to the games, there was plenty of negative coverage on all the potential ills, real and imagined, that might befall the event. But, as has happened before (see: Sochi, London, Salt Lake), once the inspirational marathoner Vanderlei de Lima lit the torch, the criticism (give or take a Ryan Lochte) became muted. 


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