Big Data is Useless without the Skills to Analyze It

Big Data is Useless without Analysis Skills

Do your employees have the skills to benefit from big data? As Tom Davenport and DJ Patil note in their October Harvard Business Review article on the rise of the data scientist, the advent of the big data era means that analyzing large, messy, unstructured data is going to increasingly form part of everyone's work. Managers and business analysts will often be called upon to conduct data-driven experiments, to interpret data, and to create innovative data-based products and services. To thrive in this world, many will require additional skills.

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72 Fascinating Social Media Community Facts and Statistics

Social Media Sharing Community Facts

Social media and inbound marketing techniques have been a boon for marketers. Not only do leads generated through social and content marketing cost half as much as traditional outbound-generated leads, they also close at higher rate.

And social media isn’t just about lead generation of course. While prospective buyers are using search and social to research products and services before making purchase decisions, marketers and PR professionals can use those same tools to research buyer wants and needs. And their competition. And…even social media itself.

Which brings us to this post. Wondering which social network is most effective at generating b2b leads? What marketing technique generates leads with the highest close ratio? What the best day of the week is for Facebook posting? Which U.S. city produces the largest share of "pins" on Pinterest?

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Seven Ways to Get Actionable Insights from Social Media Data

Actionable Social Media Intelligence 01

The amount of social data continues to explode, with more than 400 million Tweets sent per day and more than 1.3 billion active users on social networks around the world. While most large companies have social media strategies in place, many still struggle to keep up with the growing amount of data and what to do with it. Sure, there are many social monitoring tools available today, but merely listening and getting a high-level overview of what’s being said is no longer enough do you actually make sense of all this information and build a successful strategy from it?

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Bring Out the Personality in Your Brand

Personal Branding

In today’s mature talent acquisition world, employers have shifted their focus from "top talent from top universities" to "ideal talent for our culture". In other words, the level of academic skill is less important than the person’s ability to apply those skills within the specific company culture.

Employers have also realized that diversity – academic as well as ethnic – strengthens their business. So mixing people from different universities and with different degrees is a high priority. At the same time, talent groups are continuing to prioritize cultural fit and values over financial benefits when they choose employers.

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Davos Looks Towards Bridging the Enterprise Skills Gap

Davos Bridging Enterprise Skills Gap

January is the time of year that sees the rich and powerful flock to the snowy mountains of Davos in Switzerland to discuss the most pressing problems currently facing the world. By most measures it is an elite event where one might at least cross paths, if not mix with, the wealthy, the influential and the mighty, from the business community, governments and academia to rock gods and famous philantrophists.

Not only does this event attract the world’s leading exponents of economic and business matters but also political leaders, influential celebrities and a handful of other public figures. So as Bill Gates pledged his millions to fighting aids and David Cameron discussed the political issues within the EU, another topic, of particular interest to us at BraveNewTalent, surfaced frequently throughout the week; the issue of the skills gap!

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