What does a Successful Talent Community Look Like?

Successful Talent Community 01

An online community is a group of people who have developed relationships around a strong common interest. A community is different from Facebook pages and Twitter because the audience interacts with each other, not just with the author.

In a successful community, there is a high level of interaction between members. In addition, there is a level of growth to, at minimum, replenish departing members and there is a highly developed sense of community. Individuals feel they are part of a community together.

A Talent Community, hence, is an online community that brings together a segmented audience of targeted talent that maps to current and future hiring needs contained in your workforce plan. It’s a place where these different types of professionals connect around a favorite topic.

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The Continuous Candidate Experience

Community Candidate Experience 01

It's exciting, this new found appreciation for the candidate experience. I'm talking about the experience from first employment brand exposure to candidate interest to candidate application to either the big prize of being hired, or not. Most of them fall into the "or not" category for any given job. Even when multiple openings are available for the same roles, say customer service reps, thousands of candidates applying for less than 100 positions means many will come up short.

Which is why it's always a pleasure to hear Gerry Crispin from CareerXroads® talk about the candidate experience and how companies can improve it. Now that the second year of the Candidate Experience Awards is complete, something Gerry co-founded with other HR/recruiting industry luminaries, more positive attention is being paid to the job application process.

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Employers and The Skills Gap

Employers and Missing Skills

To me the most important piece of information in this infographic is the part which says that 36% of organizations are hiring people without the necessary skills, but with potential to learn. It's basically why BraveNewTalent is in business, to help organizations teach the necessary skills to the people who have capacity to learn. A great attitude towards learning becomes the most important professional skill there is.

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The Social Realities of Talent Strategy

Enterprise Social Talent Strategy

Everybody's doing it ...or are they?

When it comes to your talent acquisition, mobility, content marketing and long-tail learning strategy, just how "social" is your organization and how much value can you really glean from it?

To answer these questions and more, join us on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, for an interactive panel discussion with three principals from Recruiting Toolbox, a consulting and training firm that helps companies recruit better. Chris Havrilla, Ben Gotkin and Carmen Hudson all have years of extensive recruiting leadership experience and will be our panelists.

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Traditional Strategy Is Dead. Welcome to the Social Era

Traditional Recruiting is Dead

When I say, "Social is and can be more than media," people resist. It's as if the two words, social and media, are now permanently fused together. But they shouldn't be. The fact that they are joined at the hip in so many people's minds means that marketing agencies are thriving ...but that the rest of our organizations are not.

Social can be ...and already is... more than Media.

The companies thriving today are operating by a new set of rules — Social Era rules. Companies like REI, Kickstarter, Kiva, Twitter, Starbucks — they get it. They live it. And to them, notions like distributing power to everyone, working in extended community to get things done, or allowing innovation to happen anywhere and everywhere are, well, ridiculously obvious. But too many major companies — Bank of America, Sports Authority, United Airlines, Best Buy, and Walmart to name just a few — that need to get it, don't.

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