Date: "2016"

Lessons from the 2016 Election for Online Knowledge Sharing Communities

Social Knowledge Communities Disrupting The Diplomatic Process 01

The 2016 US Presidential election with its many twists and turns will be debated for years. Approximately 100,000 votes in two to three states made the difference in the Electoral College.  The impact of social media on this election and on those 100, 000 voters will be closely studied in the near future. While it’s still too early to assess the findings of those studies, I can articulate a few of the lessons learned for online knowledge sharing communities.

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What Communities Can Learn from The Olympics

Communities Learning From the Olympics

I believe that I am a better strategist and tactician for BraveNew and our knowledge sharing communities by examining the role of online and offline communities in multiple areas. My awareness of the potential of our communities is sharpened by seeing how other communities foster collaboration and yield new ways of looking at issues in multiple disciplines. Last month, I turned my focus to the role of community in sports. 

Not just any sport but the Olympics and its most recent edition, the Summer Games of Rio. Prior to the games, there was plenty of negative coverage on all the potential ills, real and imagined, that might befall the event. But, as has happened before (see: Sochi, London, Salt Lake), once the inspirational marathoner Vanderlei de Lima lit the torch, the criticism (give or take a Ryan Lochte) became muted. 


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BraveNew Named a Hot Vendor by Aragon Research in Social Collaboration and Work 2016

Social Media Sharing Community Facts

BraveNew the integrated social collaboration platform that enables teams and organizations to share knowledge, announced today it was named a Hot Vendor in Social Collaboration and Work by Aragon Research, a leading technology research and advisory firm.

“We are delighted that BraveNew has been recognized as a Hot Vendor in Social Collaboration and Work by Aragon Research” stated Lucian Tarnowski, CEO and Founder of BraveNew.  “Knowledge automation and content curation are important trends in the Fourth Industrial Revolution we are experiencing. The BraveNew platform helps our clients break down knowledge silos and create a culture of scalable learning.”

According to the report “BraveNew is considered a hot vendor, because of its ability to be easily adapted to fit an enterprise’s needs via its community pages and their ability to guide users to the right content and pages in an intuitive manner. BraveNew also offers clients the ability to use machine learning tools to curate contextually relevant content from across the Internet.”

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2016: The Year to Reconsider the 70:20:10 Model in Learning

70-20-10 Learning Model

I’ve been involved in the learning field for over a decade and the content and knowledge sharing industry for even longer. Each year, I enjoy reading those inevitable “trends to watch in the upcoming year” blogs and articles as they often clarify the impact of market shifts that have been experienced but not yet fully articulated. Each year I resolve to write a “trend” blog of my own…and it goes the way of other New Year’s vows. Well this year, albeit in February, I’d like to write about one trend that I’m seeing that all involved in learning should consider as they formulate their 2016 plans: the reconsideration of the 70:20:10 model of learning in the enterprise.

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