Date: "2013"

Putting the 'Formal' into Informal Learning

Mad Men Informal Learning 01

Over the past fifty years, the professional workforce has become more informal. On the popular show “Mad Men,” set in a 1960s advertising agency, everyone dresses, speaks and holds meetings in a far more formal style than most offices, even those on Wall Street, in today’s world. No episode has featured a "casual Friday" or "a dial-in number for the telecommuters".

However, Mad Men has also showcased a powerful and integral component of today’s professional learning environment: informal learning. One secretary will show several other how to use the new electric typewriters, or a seasoned sales representative will explain the nuances of closing the deal to a more junior one. In 1968, those informal conversations and learning moments happened and then disappeared into the ether. Today those exchanges might have occurred in a company’s online community, a wiki or even a series of tweets. And they would have been recorded, measured and saved. In 2013, informal learning has become more formal.

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BraveNewTalent Named to JMP Hot 100 List of Best Privately Held Software Companies

JMP Hot 100 Software Companies List

BraveNewTalent announced today that it has been named to JMP Securities "Hot 100: Best Privately Held Software Companies for 2013" list. Issued May 2013, the list profiles 100 of the leading private companies in the software industry as identified by the software research team at JMP Securities, a full-service investment bank. BraveNewTalent provides a professional Social Learning Community platform that enables enterprise organizations to attract, engage, and develop their current and future workforce.

The 'Hot 100' list is selected each year based on the evaluation of multiple criteria, including financial growth, products and services, quality of leadership, customers and market potential. This is the first time that BraveNewTalent has been included in the list.

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TechCrunch Covers BraveNewTalent Pivot to Enterprise

BraveNewTalent Pivots To Enterprise

BraveNewTalent launched as a ‘social recruitment’ platform back in 2010 and went on to secure VC funding a year later. But last year saw the startup pivot in a big way. The original model was geared towards the idea that people would want to follow companies they might want to work for in the future, and companies in turn wanted to educate potential hires about how they work. If the recruitment process was started earlier earlier – even before positions became available – some of the talent issues would go away. At least that was the theory.

Back in 2011 BraveNewTalent had secured an undisclosed amount of venture capital funding from Northzone Ventures and two angels. Big corporate clients started using the platform, which also integrated with Facebook, just as other ‘recruitment apps’ operated, such as BranchOut, JIBE, Superscout and

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The Changing Dynamics of Employee Engagement

The Changing Dynamics of Talent Engagement

As recently as fifteen years ago, understanding your workforce and keeping everyone that was a part of it informed and engaged was a fairly easy task. Most of the workforce was comprised of employees working in a defined physical location; a poster in a public place or a group email was enough. Today, the modern workforce is a myriad of employees, contractors, outsourced service providers, consultants, strategic partners and even volunteers dispersed around the globe.

It’s easy to lose sight of the holistic workforce as most of us are so busy trying to get things done we don’t have the time to step back and think what the true organization looks like and how all of the labor resources executing work on the organizations behalf are sourced, informed, developed, motivated and aligned. It’s also easy to lose sight because in most organizations we use different tools to track and communicate with different workforce segments and rely on different corporate functions to oversee various labor types.

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