Date: "2013"

10 Tips for Building Enterprise Talent Communities

Building Enterprise Talent Communities 01

I often say that BraveNewTalent is the most experienced company on what not to do in online community building. We've learned a huge amount through trial and error. I would like to share some of the lessons learned in this blog.

1) Focus on Value: Communities form around shared interest and passion - NOT job opportunities.  The rule of thumb we give is you should aim for 80% of what you share in your community to be valuable learning content rather than employment related content.  When communities are built around value, they grow.  Recruiters often still rely on "spray and praying" jobs which is the best way to kill the chances of a community.

2) Focus on Learning: BraveNewTalent has found that the best form of content to share with professional audiences is learning or professional development content.  This is what generates the value and reason to keep coming back

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CEO CFO Magazine Interviews Lucian Tarnowski

Lucian Social Learning Interview 01

BraveNewTalent CEO Lucian Tarnowski recently interviewed with Lynn Fosse at CEO CFO Magazine, discussing more about what BraveNewTalent is and how it functions, as well as Tarnowski’s own experiences with his non-profit, Take Heart. Check out some of the highlights of the interview below. BraveNewTalent is an enterprise social learning platform. We help companies share their learning and training content in order to create online communities so they can engage audiences both inside and outside of the company. BraveNewTalent’s mission is to democratize professional learning. We really believe that there is a major global problem that is increasing year on year, and that is the skills gap.

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"First" Culture & Millennials: Pursuit of the Next Big Thing

Millennials Workplace Culture 01

We’ve all seen "First" Culture, even if we don’t realize it. Creating the next big thing is great, but it takes a lot of effort and ingenuity that Millennials simply aren’t willing to give. They want the quick and dirty path to fame, and if that means being the first person to show a new band, a new restaurant, a new app, or a new social media site to their friends, then that’s the route Millennials will go. And boy are they going. It seems as though every week a new app is touted as the coolest new thing to hit the App Store yet, and with it comes the hordes of people exclaiming that they knew it first.

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Leveraging Community-Minded Millennials

Engaging Community-Minded Millennials

The jury is still out on Millennials. Suspended in a string of “are they/aren’t they” articles that have been surfacing almost as long as they’ve been in the workforce, Millennials are still a relatively unknown, unfulfilled resource in the job market.

Some say they’re lazy, others say they’re innovative. I don’t have high hopes that we’ll ever come to a conclusion about them, nor do I think that older generations will ever cease commentary about the younger generations who may one day eclipse them. Even now, somewhere in the world, I’m sure a Millennial is franticly scribbling something about why kids from Generation Z are over-connected, under-socialized robots.

My point is that we can no longer sit and wait around for a consensus to be had about this generation. Whether they’re lazy or innovative, laid back or stressed out, self-serving or community-minded, it’s time to stop asking what they are, and start asking how they can reach their full potential in the workplace.


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The Big Bang Theory and The Big Skills Gap

Big Bang Talent

Modern employers are demanding when hiring new people – they have to be, if they are to succeed in business. Academic knowledge and achievement is no longer enough; the inadequacy of formal learning systems is apparent; and the skills gap widens. The popular show “The Big Bang Theory” paints a perfect picture of super smart people and their everyday clashes with life. But do Sheldon & Co. exist in real life?

It was a Saturday in May and I was taking the train into London, to meet up with friends. Unbeknownst to me, it was also the day of the Rugby Union final, in Twickenham.

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