Date: "2013"

Managing The Candidate Experience: New Baselines and Emerging Frontiers

Managing The Recruited Experience 01

Throughout the 2013 summer season more than 100 organizations participated in the Candidate Experience Awards Program run by the not-for-profit Talent Board. 

Participants completed an exhaustive survey to blueprint their current staffing processes, and invited a random sampling of recent candidates to assess their experience.

Our Director of Strategy, Master Burnett, served as judge for this year’s program and reviewed dozens of entries to identify organizations that should be recognized with distinction among those applying. We are pleased to share his observations from this experience, here.

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BraveNewTalent To Showcase Enterprise Social Learning Platform at HR Technology Conference

Enterprise Social Learning 01

BraveNewTalent, the social learning and talent engagement platform for enterprise, today announced the company will exhibit a new version of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform during the 16th Annual HR Technology® Conference & Exposition, taking place October 7 - 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The BraveNewTalent platform helps organizations across the enterprise drive workforce engagement through online communities.

Held every year, the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition is the largest exposition for HR technology and services. The Expo is attended by more than 3,000 professionals interested in business process and organizational success enabled through technology.

"We are thrilled to be participating again at HR Tech,” said Lucian Tarnowski, BraveNewTalent’s founder and CEO. “BraveNewTalent brings organizations and professionals together to share knowledge through online communities in a new way. We have new features to showcase and this conference is the best place for us to meet organization leaders focused on on creating highly-engaged workforces".

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What Exactly is a Community Manager?

What is a Community Manager 01

Before coming to work in the office, I was tasked with outlining the role of the community manager, as well as comparing this role to that of those who are in charge of social media, PR, sales, marketing, and quality assurance. Fortunately, there has been a lot of debate around the exact specifications of a community manager’s role, so there was plenty of information available for me to work off of. Though the role of a community manager is definitely a collaborative one that may cross over departments from time to time, what became clear is that, while they may not always agree on what they are, community managers are fairly unanimous on what they are not. 

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The Global, Mobile and Social Learning Network

Zuckerberg Social Network 01

I recently watched "The Social Network", the fictional account of the founding of Facebook, for the second time. Less than a decade after most of the story took place and only three years since the movie’s release, it seemed so old fashioned and old school. The lack of mobile communication struck me the most. These individuals were tethered to their not-very-flat screen computers!  No one tweeted or pulled out an iPad. Their mobile phones were large and definitely not smart. There was no texting, checking e-mail after class or surfing the Internet to resolve a dispute in a bar. (Blackberries were around in 2004 but primarily used in corporate settings.)

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The Value of Social Learning

The Value of Social Learning

The world’s economic system is moving from capitalism to ‘Talentism’ -- where the number one value creator is now human capital rather than financial capital.  Workforce engagement is critical to this value creation.  Our latest infographic illustrates key trends, costs and how social learning practices can benefit both talent and organizations.

Organizations with highly engaged workforces enjoy more productivity, more profit, more customer satisfaction, and an average of 13% less ...

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