Date: "2013"

In Professional Life as in Dating, it’s all about “Find, Get, Keep.”

Managing The Candidate Experience 01

The dating world is inundated with promises of harmonious matching algorithms and lasting true love. Equally, there’s a plethora of recruitment websites and headhunting companies claiming to be best placed to find the best talent for organizations, and the best job for professionals. In fact, it seems the whole Human race is after something to conquer and keep.

Good marketing follows certain universal truths. One of the most important is the “power of three.” Things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. A series of three often creates a progression in which the tension is created, built up, and finally released.

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Would Thomas Jefferson Have Tweeted?

Would Thomas Jefferson Have Tweeted 01

I recently toured Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson and an architectural marvel, in Charlottesville, VA. Jefferson defines the term "Renaissance man" - the author of the Declaration of Independence, an inventor, an architect, a botanist, a rare wine collector, a writer and a business owner (i.e., his plantation) to name a few occupations. Oh yes, he also served as the United States’ third President, an accomplishment that he did not even list on his tombstone.

BraveNewTalent’s founder Lucian Tarnowski has observed that we are moving through the Age of Digital Enlightenment. I concur. I enjoy speculating on how the original thinkers of the Enlightenment-Voltaire, Diderot-would have used social media. A Voltaire blog with a comments section and a Diderot Wikipedia immediately come to mind.

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Community Management: Stages of Community Growth

Growing Online Communities 01

There are three stages of growth of an online community: emergence, development, and establishment.

Each stage of development for a community involves its own characteristics, objectives, and activities. The members of an emerging community will not have developed habits or group rituals, often discussions must be stimulated manually by the community manager, and frequent visits to the site must be actively encouraged. The main objective is to create a sustainable critical mass of returning users by personally engaging individuals at a micro level, sending out personalised invitations, and posting interesting content.

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BraveNewTalent Announces Sponsorship of Close It Summit in Washington, D.C.

BraveNew Sponsors Close-It Washington 01

BraveNewTalent, the social learning and talent engagement platform for enterprise, today announced that the company will sponsor workforce development and employer innovation conference the Close It Summit, taking place November 5 - 7, in Washington, D.C.

BraveNewTalent joins Oracle Academy, Dell, and CareerBuilder as Innovation Sponsor at November workforce conference

“The Close It Summit recognizes employers who have challenged the status quo when it comes to hiring and workforce development practices.” said Jamai Blivin, president and chief executive of Innovate + Educate, who are hosting The Close It Summit. “We are excited to have BraveNewTalent, an innovator in social learning, joining us as one of the Innovation Sponsors.”

The Close It Summit, scheduled to be held at The Capital Hilton, is designed to explore new talent pathways to close the skills gap between employers and job seekers, and bridge the opportunity divide.

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Online Communities: Exploring the Complex Relationship Between Online and Offline Interaction

Online Community Personas 01

A year ago I began working on a research based dissertation that explored ideas of anonymity and community on the Internet, specifically on Reddit. It was an incredibly exhausting and rewarding process in which I carried out a number of interviews with users through the Reddit messaging system. This proved problematic as many of these conversations petered out before I would have liked them to, but with the help of a handful of very passionate and patient strangers, and after a yearlong emotional rollercoaster, it finally came together.

Throughout my research I became increasingly interested in the ongoing debate between ‘traditional’ and ‘virtual’ communitarians. This is not to say that there exists two distinct schools of thought on the matter, but rather a contentious ambiguity that is perceived to represent a variety of symptoms in Western society.

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