The Value of Social Learning

The Value of Social Learning

The world’s economic system is moving from capitalism to ‘Talentism’ -- where the number one value creator is now human capital rather than financial capital.  Workforce engagement is critical to this value creation.  Our latest infographic illustrates key trends, costs and how social learning practices can benefit both talent and organizations.

Organizations with highly engaged workforces enjoy more productivity, more profit, more customer satisfaction, and an average of 13% less employee turnover. One area that significantly drives workforce engagement is learning and professional development opportunities.  As the infographic shows, traditional learning often fails, and approximately 90% of what's learned is typically lost within the first year.


Social Learning Infographic 01


How can you build workforce engagement through learning opportunities?

At BraveNewTalent our answer is through online learning communities. Online communities are places where members can connect, communicate, and collaborate around relevant professional topics -- both with fellow colleagues and with professionals outside of the organization. The result is a successful blend of just-in-time social learning and talent engagement across organizations past, present and future workforce.