CEO CFO Magazine Interviews Lucian Tarnowski

Lucian Social Learning Interview 01

BraveNewTalent CEO Lucian Tarnowski recently interviewed with Lynn Fosse at CEO CFO Magazine, discussing more about what BraveNewTalent is and how it functions, as well as Tarnowski’s own experiences with his non-profit, Take Heart. Check out some of the highlights of the interview below.

What is BraveNewTalent?

BraveNewTalent is an enterprise social learning platform. We help companies share their learning and training content in order to create online communities so they can engage audiences both inside and outside of the company. BraveNewTalent’s mission is to democratize professional learning. We really believe that there is a major global problem that is increasing year on year, and that is the skills gap. There is a growing divide between what the formal education system in the world is producing and what industry demands. Where BraveNewTalent comes in is we try to help organizations directly bridge that gap, by enabling them to share learning content to develop people off their payroll in order to make better hiring decisions in the end.

On the functions of BraveNewTalent

What we have is a community of several thousand people sharing what they are learning together around leadership. What it creates is a great learning destination where, unlike traditional learning, which is one-way with only you and the content, BraveNewTalent puts you into an environment where it is social learning. You are learning with other professionals who are interested in the same topic as you.  Fellow community members can answer your questions, can critique your thoughts, etc. It really puts people into an environment where they can learn collaboratively, and they can learn with feedback. We think this is very important to the future of learning.

On BraveNewTalent’s ultimate goals

Ultimately, BraveNewTalent wants to become is the world's largest professional learning destination where the content is not being sourced from select teachers but rather every member is a teacher and a learner at the same time. People curate the content and the best content rises to the top, not by a professor saying it is the best content, but by what the community of professionals think is the best. We really think that is the future of education.

People have always learned in communities, and in fact I always argue that the school system is where it broke down. The idea of the factory farm education system that we currently have has broken our traditional model of learning, and all BraveNewTalent is doing is going back to the future and back to the original model of learning.

On his non-profit, Take Heart India

At Take Heart now we do not employ a single person so I just run it on the side and it is very grassroots. We focus on holistic vocation education and making sure we cover the whole individual thinking about how we can make sure we give them the confidence to achieve that potential. It was running that at a university that led me to want to create a much more scalable solution, which also led me to creating BraveNewTalent.