TechCrunch Covers BraveNewTalent Pivot to Enterprise

BraveNewTalent Pivots To Enterprise

BraveNewTalent has been featured in a new TechCrunch Article: BraveNewTalent Admits ‘Social Recruitment’ Didn’t Work, But Pivot To Enterprise Is ‘Paying Off’


BraveNewTalent Pivots to Enterprise


BraveNewTalent launched as a ‘social recruitment’ platform back in 2010 and went on to secure VC funding a year later. But last year saw the startup pivot in a big way. The original model was geared towards the idea that people would want to follow companies they might want to work for in the future, and companies in turn wanted to educate potential hires about how they work. If the recruitment process was started earlier earlier – even before positions became available – some of the talent issues would go away. At least that was the theory.

Back in 2011 BraveNewTalent had secured an undisclosed amount of venture capital funding from Northzone Ventures and two angels. Big corporate clients started using the platform, which also integrated with Facebook, just as other ‘recruitment apps’ operated, such as BranchOut, JIBE, Superscout and

In reality, however, says CEO and founder Lucian Tarnowski, “We realised we were trying to build communities around recruitment content. But trying to build user engagement around transactional content like that doesn’t work. Job seekers just wanted jobs, and recruiters just wanted to fill positions. So the model didn’t scale just focusing on jobs.”

So six months ago BraveNewTalent pivoted towards being 100 percent enterprise focused, and went from ‘social recruiting’ to ‘social learning’.

Is this just semantics or is there now a real difference in what they do?