Date: "2012"

Davos Looks Towards Bridging the Enterprise Skills Gap

Davos Bridging Enterprise Skills Gap

January is the time of year that sees the rich and powerful flock to the snowy mountains of Davos in Switzerland to discuss the most pressing problems currently facing the world. By most measures it is an elite event where one might at least cross paths, if not mix with, the wealthy, the influential and the mighty, from the business community, governments and academia to rock gods and famous philantrophists.

Not only does this event attract the world’s leading exponents of economic and business matters but also political leaders, influential celebrities and a handful of other public figures. So as Bill Gates pledged his millions to fighting aids and David Cameron discussed the political issues within the EU, another topic, of particular interest to us at BraveNewTalent, surfaced frequently throughout the week; the issue of the skills gap!

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Talent Series: India Event Report

Talent Series Photo 01

The Talent Series Event discussing the Future of Talent in India was held in earlier this month in January 2012.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights:

On 6 January BraveNewTalent organized the first event of the in the "Talent Series" – a conversation about Talent and Technology focusing on the Future of Talent in India. About 40 people attended from organizations as varied as KPMG, Amazon, SAP, Hewlett Packard, Genpact, Intel, Oracle and Nike.

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