Date: "2012"

Employee Resource Groups: The Social Tower of Enterprise Communities

Employee Resource Groups 01

It's like we've been building professional Towers of Babel for decades. Except it's not an omniscient deity confounding our networking skills, communication skills and our ability to thrive in "world of work" Nirvana. It's us.

Although it's not to say that self-segmenting into groups of like-minded professionals inside the enterprise and out isn't valuable for the members. We've been doing that for some time now and through that networking we've helped mentor each other, teach each other new skills, develop new ideas that improve processes and technologies, launch new businesses and generate new business for existing companies.

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The Basic Principles of Community Management

Community Management Basic Principles 01

A common mistake made by organizations is to interact with their community members in the same manner they would with traditional customers or clients ...which usually means "not very well".

For example, the organization speaks in the 3rd person, stays formal and doesn’t clearly identify themselves as individuals. This is a significant impediment to developing and maintaining a thriving talent community ...and we’d argue significant impediment to keeping your customers, both buyers and employees.

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Enterprise Talent Community Facts and Fundamentals Webinar

Enterprise Talent Community Facts Webinar

Online communities populate the Internet today and extend beyond the major social networks, and consumer and business-to-business brands understand the value of creating and maintaining business communities to address customer needs and to retain them long term.

But true talent communities continue to be elusive for the enterprise. How do organizations engage and develop applicants and employees alike beyond broadcasting jobs and internal mobility opportunities?

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Continuous Learning and Career Development Webinar

Continuous Learning Career Development

"Their reach exceeded their grasp" ...have you ever felt that way? Join us tomorrow for a 30-minute BraveNewTalent webinar and let's talk about it.

A few months ago, I watched an interview with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush, my favorite band. Geddy explained how the band was criticized in certain music circles because of the above statement -- "their reach exceeded their grasp" -- when it came to their musical ideas, ideals and musicianship.

That is simply hogwash. That’s the way they rolled (as the kids these days say), stretching themselves to grasp the next level of excellence, which they’re still doing today (for you rock critics keeping score at home).

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The Talent Community Life Cycle

Life Cycle of Talent Communities 01

Talent Communities, just like any other online community, follow an established pattern of development.

Talent communities usually begin small, in the inception phase, and can be initiated by the organization, inviting applicants from their ATS systems, inviting their current employees and alumni, and attracting new community members via targeted advertising campaigns.

Communities grow slowly in activity and numbers since at first most referrals and relevant content distribution are usually done by the community owner. Sometimes, however, if the organization is large enough and has invited their databases of applicants and employees, the number of members can grow rather quickly. But it’s important to note that activity won’t grow at the same speed; the focus should be on quality community management and not the quantity of members.

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