BraveNewTalent Expands Platform into US and India

BraveNewTalent Expands Learning Platform

PRESS RELEASE: LONDON, ENGLAND - MAR 25, 2011, the social recruiting platform that connects people to employers, has now established its US and India presence following venture capital investment.

Lucian Tarnowski, BraveNewTalent’s CEO said

“Social recruiting is becoming mainstream.  It has landed firmly at the centre of recruitment strategies for many global employers. Our expansion into the US and Indian markets allows us to take BraveNewTalent to the global market. Recruiters now recognise the importance of developing talent communities and engaging with potential employees.”

The US expansion comes as BraveNewTalent, whose existing clients include blue chip brands such as IBM, Tesco and L’Oreal, takes part in the UK Government-backed WebMission 2011.  BraveNewTalent is one of 18 companies that are exploring opportunities for growth with key investors, potential partners and other stakeholders in Silicon Valley. BraveNewTalent’s international expansion plans are also being supported by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) who describe the company as

“A technology company of exceptional potential.”

At the start of the year BraveNewTalent secured venture capital funding from Northzone Ventures and two experienced angels – Pierce Casey and Mike Bourne, and has used this capital to fund its entry into the US and Indian marketplaces.

As part of the expansion the company has begun identifying its own potential talent and announced its first strategic hires last week. Maren Hogan, former Chief Marketing Officer of, one of the world’s largest recruiter communities, has been appointed as Head of Marketing in the United States. Commenting on her new role Maren said;

“I’m delighted to be able to bring BraveNewTalent’s approach to recruitment to the US market. Major employers are now fighting for the best candidates and creating talent communities is something that will play a vital role in their recruitment strategies.”

In India, Dheeraj Prasad, who's previous role was Head of Education Business at Microsoft India, is now the BraveNewTalent India Manager Director said

"It is a great feeling to start-up something new and bold in a marketplace like India, which is one of the youngest nations in the world. I am excited to lead this build up for Corporate India, positively impact so many lives."

Now that the company has already signed up its first major US client, the focus is on providing a high-quality platform for employers to engage with potential employees.  BraveNewTalent is then planning to implement a new model of online education based on employers delivering skills training to their communities.