Date: "2010"

BraveNewTalent Facebook App Featured on TechCrunch

BraveNewTalent Facebook App on TechCrunch

BraveNewTalent is a startup which has taken an approach from the other end of the telescope. It’s spent time building a network of corporate clients starting in London which has brought in revenues and pushed the startup towards profitability already, but clearly that doesn’t qualify it as a startup which can scale.

What does qualify it is its new Facebook app which just went live here.

This app builds your professional profile but instead of letting potential employers see all your embarrassing Facebook profile photos, it gives them access to what they need to know about you – your education, work history and current employer – while you get to see information about them and also, more interestingly, stats on your friends.

The app will recommend employers and jobs based on your profile. You can’t bring in Linkedin connections into the app yet but that is on the roadmap. Also displayed are where my friends want to work or do actually work, and the statistics section pulls in the top companies your friends work in, top industries, universities, degrees, etc.

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