BraveNew Named a Hot Vendor by Aragon Research in Social Collaboration and Work 2016

Social Media Sharing Community Facts

BraveNew the integrated social collaboration platform that enables teams and organizations to share knowledge, announced today it was named a Hot Vendor in Social Collaboration and Work by Aragon Research, a leading technology research and advisory firm.

“We are delighted that BraveNew has been recognized as a Hot Vendor in Social Collaboration and Work by Aragon Research” stated Lucian Tarnowski, CEO and Founder of BraveNew.  “Knowledge automation and content curation are important trends in the Fourth Industrial Revolution we are experiencing. The BraveNew platform helps our clients break down knowledge silos and create a culture of scalable learning.”

According to the report “BraveNew is considered a hot vendor, because of its ability to be easily adapted to fit an enterprise’s needs via its community pages and their ability to guide users to the right content and pages in an intuitive manner. BraveNew also offers clients the ability to use machine learning tools to curate contextually relevant content from across the Internet.”

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2016: The Year to Reconsider the 70:20:10 Model in Learning

70-20-10 Learning Model

I’ve been involved in the learning field for over a decade and the content and knowledge sharing industry for even longer. Each year, I enjoy reading those inevitable “trends to watch in the upcoming year” blogs and articles as they often clarify the impact of market shifts that have been experienced but not yet fully articulated. Each year I resolve to write a “trend” blog of my own…and it goes the way of other New Year’s vows. Well this year, albeit in February, I’d like to write about one trend that I’m seeing that all involved in learning should consider as they formulate their 2016 plans: the reconsideration of the 70:20:10 model of learning in the enterprise.

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BraveNew Speaks at The Global Talent Summit 2016

Global Talent Summit 2016

On January 13th, BraveNew participated in The Global Talent Summit 2016: The Future of Jobs & Education, part of the World in 2050 series, sponsored by The Diplomatic Courier at the Gallup Headquarters in Washington, D.C. BraveNew was a Thought Partner of the event. Representatives from the Fortune 500, global NGOs, the government and enterprises of all sizes spoke at and interacted with each other during the day long conference, which included panels on such topics as “The Global Skills Gap” and “Small Businesses and Job Creation.”

The primary takeaway for me was that the education portion of an individual’s life no longer exists exclusively from the age of 5 to 18 (or whenever the last degree is attained) and the full-time work portion from age 18 or 22 to retirement. Instead learning will be life long and the acquisition of skills for individuals will start well before the granting of degrees.

In addition, three themes ran through these panels, which should be of interest to those involved in the interface of the workforce and education.

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