Social Learning Communities provide a simple way to facilitate informal learning in a peer-to-peer collaborative environment.

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Innovation Communities bring together stakeholder groups with a common goal to share best practices and accelerate innovations.

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Diversity Communities deliver rich collaboration for clients diversity populations and diversity initiatives.

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Most of the world’s knowledge never gets shared.
Our platform breaks down knowledge silos and facilitates peer-to-peer learning.

Global Platform Access

Access to knowledge communities from laptops or mobile devices – anytime, anywhere.

Learning Focused communities

Curate content from anywhere on the web and enable members to discuss from the context of the community.

Private, Hybrid and Public Communities

Blended community hierarchy provides for seamless knowledge sharing with key stakeholders everywhere.

Member Management

Create roles such as Mentors, Experts or coaches to provide context to your community.


Embed third party tools such as document libraries, calendars, webinars and more in order to enable the community to achieve its goals.

Connected Community Ecosystems

Create a universe with connected communities to defragment initiatives and break down silos.

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The NHRI Collaborative Health Network HealthDoers Community

A 2013 Deloitte report stated that 73% of physicians believe that technology will improve the quality and delivery of care. The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), headquartered in Portland, Maine, is dedicated to ensuring that those improvements take place in the near future.

NRHI, a national organization, represents over 30 Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHIC), that facilitate change through their work with physicians and other healthcare providers, provider organizations, commercial and government payers, employers, consumers, and other healthcare related organizations. Their collective goal is “better health, better care, better costs.”

In the past, NRHI and other such organizations have faced major challenges in the transformation of the industry. A multi-stakeholder approach must be deployed due to the industry’s fragmented ...

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