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Support workforce and talent development initiatives.

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Empower Multi-stakeholder collaboratives online.

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Connect customers and prospects around trends and best practices.

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Corporations, foundations and collaboratives use communities to empower members to learn in their own way. The platform offers a simple one stop shop to enable a culture of scalable learning.

Make Learning Participatory and Collaborative

  • Empower members to learn in their own way
  • Go from managing consumers of content to empowering producers of knowledge

Curate The Best of The Web

  • Google is the number one LMS in your organization – how can you understand your collective learning
  • Use our machine learning tools to create a contextually relevant knowledge base

Turn Every Moment into a Learning Opportunity

  • Capture learning no matter where it takes place
  • Access communities from any device to enable learning on the go

Your Learning One-Stop-Shop

  • Integrate a connected ecosystem of resources and collaboration tools
  • Curate content from any source around specific focus areas and topics

Create a Knowledge Ecosystem

  • Index web pages and documents in one place
  • IBM Watson enables a powerful search across fragmented learning resources

Make communities Private, Hybrid or Public

  • Choose who gets access to what using role based controls
  • Break down silos and empower all stakeholders to participate

Capture and Retain Your Organization's Knowledge

  • Create, Curate and Consume knowledge in one digital home
  • Leverage your stakeholders valuable web research & resources

Become Data Driven with Intelligent Insights

  • Get a view into what people are learning
  • Identify talent with emergent knowledge and skills

Recommended by industry leaders

Aragon Research

Aragon Research names BraveNew a Hot Vendor in Collaboration and Work

"BraveNew focuses on solving the problem that most enterprises have with people and content – sharing knowledge. BraveNew has been steadily growing its client base by focusing on delivering a new, modern and customer-focused Social experience."

"What makes BraveNew hot is its ability to be easily adapted to fit an enterprise’s needs via its community pages and their ability to guide users to the right content and pages in an intuitive manner. BraveNew also offers clients the ability to use machine learning tools to curate contextually relevant content from across the Internet. This allows BraveNew to be well positioned to help enterprises with their quest to share critical Knowledge."

Libby Sartain

Libby Sartain

BraveNew Advisor, Former Chief People Officer Yahoo!, Southwest Airlines and Chairman SHRM

"Having spent my career in Human Resources I know learning and talent development is changing radically. Employees are struggling to keep up with the pace of change and organizations are struggling to deal with the silos that prevent knowledge from being shared effectively. The BraveNew platform helps its clients solve these challenges through an innovative and intelligent approach to learning communities. I see BraveNew as the future of how knowledge workers will keep pace in a rapidly changing workplace."