Social Learning Communities

Social Learning Communities provide a simple way to facilitate informal learning in a peer-to-peer collaborative environment. These communities have the ability to segment members in order to provide contextual relevance based on learning objectives. Members can collaborate, share files, get information that is most relevant to them, and access collaboration tools inside the community for improved productivity.

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Innovation Communities

Innovation Communities bring together stakeholder groups with a common goal to share best practices, participate in Q&A, collaborate around new trends and accelerate innovations. For example, we power several communities around healthcare innovation bringing together thousands of different stakeholders around healthcare best practice sharing and healthcare reform.

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Diversity Communities

Diversity Communities deliver rich collaboration, mobile access, and consistent branding for clients diversity populations and diversity initiatives. These are ‘communities of purpose’ that connect members of specific affinity networks around their common goal. They provide the environment for fast collaboration and support and can be leveraged for internal or external audiences.

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The Enterprise Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Platform

Most of the world’s knowledge never gets shared. We created the platform to break down knowledge silos and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

Global Platform Access

Access to knowledge communities from laptops or mobile devices – any time, anywhere.

Knowledge Content Management & Distribution

Import, curate, and automate content streams and distribute across multiple communities.

Public and Private Communities

Blended community hierarchy provides for seamless knowledge sharing with key stakeholders everywhere.


User Management

Designate community admins and community members as admins or verified employees.

Segmented Messaging

Share relevant content based on job function, interests, profile data, or community affiliation.

Connected Community Ecosystems

Link numerous communities around a common purpose or initiative.

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The Lockheed-Martin Military Connect Community

Lockheed Martin’s goal was was a simple one. Their Military Connect Initiative would build an online learning community for the 1.2 million military personnel who will be transition to the civilian workforce through 2017.

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The NHRI Collaborative Health Network HealthDoers’ Community

The Collaborative Health Network (CHN), an initiative of the Network for Regional Health Improvement (NHRI) , set a lofty goal for its HealthDoers’ community. HealthDoers would be a place where 6500 healthcare ecosystem participants could collaborate on innovative practices and solutions for the evolving industry.

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